Google Android 2.2 on G1 is Technically Possible according to Google Devs

Google [GOOG] Devs at Google I/O held this week have confirmed that Android 2.2 FroYo running on the G1 is technically possible.

Many of the older device owners and early adopters will be glad to hear this one I’ve talked to a bunch of Google folks in charge of developing Android at the Google I/O, and they told me that technically it would be possible to put Froyo on any device on the market now, including the G1.

To get it working would require that some of the extra Google apps are removed and then installed afterwards on a separate partition. This partitioning is required due to the G1 being older and having a smaller internal storage capacity than the newer phones.

It is doubtful that T-Mobile will bother with the older hardware to bring an update to G1 owners, but the good news is that Cyanogen has confirmed a couple of things yesterday.

First off, Android 2.1 is almost ready for the G1 and will be launched in the next few days. The new release from Cyanogen is the results of many developers work pulling together to get it working.

After making that announcement, he also continued on to say that Android 2.2 will work on the G1 and that they will be working on bringing Android 2.2 to the G1 after 2.1 is released in a few days time.

Of course installing a Cyanogen ROM requires that you root your G1, but that process is fairly simple and does give you more flexibility to what you can run on the device.

Back to Google devs for a minute. We also hear that test builds of Android 2.2 are running on G1s within Google and that they are VERY fast when compared to previous iterations of the OS.

Lets hope to see some good things from Cyanogen on our old T-Mobile G1’s.

Via: Android Police

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