Google ads Automatic Captioning to Uploaded Video

youtube-automatic-captionsGoogle [GOOG] have added a new feature to Youtube that automatically ads captions to videos by using speech to text technology.

The technology used works with the same algorithms that Google Voice uses and converts the text in to text at the bottom of the video. The feature is designed for those who are hard of hearing or those who do not have sound enabled on their PC.

As of now the service is just a trial and only available on certain educational channels as well as the Google channels. If it proves to be successful enough then I suspect it will be rolled out to all videos eventually.

For those who want to make use of the service now there is a manual way that this can be achieved. Google have also announced a new “auto-timing” feature that allows you to upload a text file of the video. Google has the capability of reading the text file in and matching the words automatically with the voice allowing the captions to be displayed on the screen at the right time.

Another final unique feature is that you will also have the ability to automatically translate the caption text in to other languages from a drop down menu. Take a look at the video below to see the system working and a quick tutorial on how you can upload caption text, translate and use the services mentioned here.

Via: Coated

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