Goodyear GPS Device

Goodyear is more commonly associated with making tires for cars and trucks. However, at CES they are to introduce new Goodyear GPS devices. The GPS devices have a new feature which allows them to be remote controlled for it’s hands free system. The remote can be attached to a visor or any where with in reach. It also uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone to make use of hands free calling. Information from MSN Direct can also be received as well as local prices for fuel, weather and movie times.

The GY100K (pictured below) is a Bluetooth version which allows it to be connected to other devices.


The top spec model features all of the below…


4.3-inch touchscreen
SiRF Star III GPS chip
400MHz Samsung ARM9 CPU
2GB internal storage, 2GB SD
WinCE 5.0
Bluetooth handsfree controls
Separate Bluetooth handsfree remote control
1 year of MSN Direct access
MP3 / AVI playback
FM transmitter
A/V inputs
Voice memos
Stereo speakers
8-hour battery life

Via: TheGadgetBlog

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