Golf Ball Mouse with Putting Green

golf-mouseThe Golf Ball mouse has to be the best mouse you will ever come across for a long time. The mouse is shaped like a flatish golf ball and the mouse mat is a putting green. A flag, hole, mini golf ball and mini putter are included in the package.

Imagine getting bored at work, which we probably do daily, and then kicking back while practising your putting skills. It benefits you in two ways. First, if fills in the boring time at the office and secondly, helps you to become a golfing pro so you can fit in with the executives of the company you work for. Not a bad deal considering that fitting in with the executives should land you a better paid job!

Unfortunately there is no word on pricing yet but I can’t see it being that expensive for this handy mouse and golf green.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets and GeekAlerts

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