Gmail Redesign Leaked by Google

A number of Google properties are getting a redesign. The new designs are a little more sleeker than previous versions and make Google look a little more modern in terms of the interface that millions of people use. To get a look of which way Google is headed in the designs, look at Google search, Adsense, Analytics, Docs as well as Google+ to get a glimpse of how things look.

The image below shows a leaked shot of what Gmail will look like when it gets a new design. The video showing the new design was uploaded by Google to Youtube and for the few minutes it was online (before being pulled), it also showed a number of new features.

The design is based on the Preview theme already available since June in Gmail. New features include a better way to read emails which are now shown as a conversation along with photos (where available) of the person you are having a discussion with.

Search in Gmail is also getting a little more enhanced. When doing a search the regular operators also pop up for you to select from. At the moment Gmail search requires that you type in sent: from: etc… This will be more automated in the new update.

Another nice set of features revolve around resizing the window, setting the size of each email and adjusting the sidebar. Resizing the Windows now makes the whole Gmail window shrink down a little in size so that it adapts to the current condition. For setting the size of emails you get to choose from options such as Cozy or Compact to name 2 of the three so that you can space messages out or squash them up together. Also, the sidebar is also adjustable. If you use labels more than you chat then you can slide the chat bar down a little to make it smaller and provide more space for your labels to appear.

We don’t know when Google [GOOG] will launch the new interface and design, but expect it within the next few months, perhaps within days or weeks if the video was uploaded just a little too early. The team in the first source link below managed to get a copy of the video and re upload it. We don’t know if this will be taken off line as well, so take a look while it’s still available.

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