Gmail Priority Inbox for Android Rolls Out

Google [GOOG] has improved the Gmail app for Android OS devices. The latest version now supports priority inbox as well as an improved compose mail function.

The new version is called Gmail for Android 2.3.2. The priority inbox section of the app allows you to see those emails that matter most to you. These are highlighted with a small yellow arrow, just like the desktop version, and you have the option to mark emails as more important or not important. You can then click Priority to filter out the non important emails.

The compose mail section has also been enhanced with a few new features. When replying to an email you now have better options in place to easily switch between a reply to all or a reply to sender. You also now have the ability to send emails from any address you have configured in your desktop version. In-line responses are also reported.

The new version requires Android 2.2 or above to be installed on your device. If you run that then you can go grab it now from the Android Market for free.

Via: Google

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