GMail for iPhone Gets Updated

Google [GOOG] has updated the web version of GMail for the iPhone Safari browser. Two new enhancements have been made that make the web based email service easier to use while on the go.

The first change is the swipe gesture that acts better than before. Now you are able to scroll more quickly through your messages with the speed of the scroll matching the speed of your swipe.

The second enhancement is the toolbars that now stay on the screen while you are scrolling around. This gives you faster access to the menus when needed so you don’t need to scroll right back up to the top to jump back to the message list for example.

The new updated version of GMail for iPhone is available for iOS 4 users only on the iPod touch and iPhone. When running it on the iPad, you get a different experience that is closer to the desktop version.

The changes should be rolled out to all users now and Google recommend that you clear your cache if you don’t see the new changes.

Via: Google

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