Gmail Gets a Preview Pane – Available in Labs

Google has added a new feature to the Labs section of Gmail. Users are now able to add a Preview Pane to their inbox so that they can see what a message is about before opening it.

The preview pane looks similar to most other email clients in that you get a list of emails down the left (or above if desired) with a short snippet of text from the beginning of the email. To the right (or below) that, you get to see the full email.

The layout is similar to how the iPad displays a Gmail account in the HTML5 optimised version and after a bit of testing today, it works as it should.

To enable the preview pane you need to go to the settings menu and click Labs and then do a search for preview pane. When you find it, click Enable and go back to your inbox. At the top right of the screen (just above the message window), you’ll be presented with an option to enable/disable, go to a left/right view or a top/bottom view. Select what works best for you and the information on screen changes as requested.

For those using Google Apps, this feature works for you as well.


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