Gmail Gets a New Look

Google [GOOG] has refreshed the Gmail interface and has given the UI a completely new look. The new version has several new features to enhance the experience of email online.

Some of the new changes include what is called Elastic Density which allows Gmail to be used on many different sized screens. Rather than getting side scrolling bars on smaller resolutions, Gmail compacts the information on the screen and rearranges the layout so it fits just right.

Google has also added some new HD themes to Gmail that allows you to adjust the look of Gmail to what you prefer to work with.

Navigation has received an update and now lets you change the labels, resize the sidebars and make other changes so that the information you want to see is where you want it to be. For example, if you don’t use Gmail calls then you can drag those items out of the way in the sidebar.

Search has been enhanced in the new interface and allows you to now filter more easily. Suggestions pop up as you are typing so you can get just the right operator to perform a more accurate search.

Take a look at the video below for a full introduction. For those using either the free Gmail or Gmail on apps then the theme is ready now and can be enabled when you log in.

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