Gmail for iOS Available Again in the App Store

A couple of weeks ago Google [GOOG] messed up and launched an unfinished Gmail app that contained a couple of obvious bugs. The app was quickly pulled. We now hear that the bugs have been fixed and that the app is now available again in the app store… bug free all being well.

The new update has simply fixed the two bugs which were an error message showing up when opening up the app (not sure how they missed that one when they first sent it for approval) and the second was related to broken push notifications.

Google has received requests from users for other features to be added such as multiple account support as well as mobile specific signatures. These haven’t been added to this bug fix update, but they will be included in a future update from what Google tells us.

Google appears to have done quite a decent job with the latest app and with it being an app that many have requested since the iPhone first launched in 2007 it was quite a disappointment to be hit with an immediate couple of bugs. Hopefully it’s all in the past now though and Gmail should work as it was originally intended to do.

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