Gmail Calls: 10 Million Calls Placed in 1st Week

Recently, Google [GOOG] rolled out a new feature to Gmail users called Gmail Calls. The service allows those in the US to make calls to any phone direct from the Gmail interface.

We reported last week that within the first day of Gmail Calls going live that there were 1 million calls made.

In the first full week of being live, 10 million Google Gmail Calls have been made which is a very impressive number. The first 1 million was thought to be high due to many people testing the new service out. However, the number per day continues to grow as even more people find out about the service.

To use the service you just need to log in to Gmail where you will see a small phone in your contacts list. When clicking on the phone icon you’ll be prompted to install some software if it’s the first time you have used the service. Once done, you can call any contact or type in any number you want and make calls to various locations with calls in the US being free.

It will be interesting to see how many calls have been placed within the first month of service. At the current rate we can expect 40 – 50 million calls or more if the growth rate continues.

Via: Coated

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