GM Augmented Reality Enhanced Vision System

GM have announced a new system they are working on that uses augmented reality. It is called the Enhanced Vision System and uses the wind shield of a car to highlight dangers and other information of interest to the driver.

The Enhanced Vision System has infrared and visible cameras mounted on the front of the car that feed information back to a user. Three cameras mounted in the car monitor the driver and can accurately detect where the driver is looking so that the images augmented on the screen are placed in the correct location.

Items that can be spotted include edges of the road in dark or foggy situations as well as animals, people and road signs. The system also uses what GM call the last 100 yards which highlights the exact location you need to pull up at when your GPS has guided you almost there.

The system is still in early days of testing, but GM do say that cars in the near future will start to arrive with the Enhanced Vision System installed.

The video below shows how the system works and what it is capable of.

Via: Mashable

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