Glass Pool Table – The G-1

g-1-glass-pool-tableThe G-1 is a pool table that has a glass resin surface to play on. Looking at the pictures you will see it is absolutely fantastic in how it has been designed.

g-1-glass-pool-tableIt was created by Nottage Design and uses a special material that coats the glass surface to make the pool balls move and spin at exactly the same speeds as traditional felt tables. The bumpers and pockets are each built to international standards which means you will be playing the exact same game with the same speeds etc… but on a table that looks far more classy.

Under the glass there are runners which guide the balls in to their resting place once pocketed. It is truly fascinating to watch the video of how it looks in use (below), so go check it out.

On to the technical side of things. The glass surface measures 15mm in thickness and is covered in a special substance called Vitrik which provides the right amount of friction needed.

The downside, and there is only 1… It costs $30K.


Product Page Via: GoPaulTech

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