Gizmo for Nokia S60 Phones – VoIP

Gizmo is a beta application available for download on the Nokia website. It allows you to use Instant Messaging and make internet calls. To get the software to work you just need to download it from the link at the end of this article, create an account with Gizmo (or use your current account if you have one) and then connect with your WLAN connection if your Series 60 phone will support it. If not then you can also use Gizmo over 2G or 3G networks, but I recommend you check pricing through your provider before you do that. Currently the software is fully compatible for the N80 and N95 Nokia S60 phones and works on other phones such as the N73 Music Edition, E61 and E65.

I havent had chance to test this with only having an N73 (Not the music edition) but I still may try install it or test if my N73 can be upgraded to the N73 Music Edition. VoIP is the way forwards for mobile networks and hopefully this software along with Skype on X-Series for the Three network can give it all a little kick in the right direction.

Via: Nokia

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