Gingerbread Launcher App for Android 2.2 Now Available

Android 2.3 was announced a few days ago, and pushed out to the Nexus One that very same day. However, any other Android device will need to wait a little longer as Google is yet to push out the requirements and documentation to device manufacturers.

With that in mind, you can actually now download what’s called the Gingerbread Launcher on your Android 2.2 device. What this does is brings the UI to the Android 2.2 operating system. Of course, a lot of features are missing but what you do get is the basic skin so you can see how it will look when you eventually get the 2.3 update pushed out to you.

The alternative to using the Gingerbread launcher is to root your device and look out for the ROMs currently being cooked for a number of different devices. Just a warning on that though in that the 2.3 unofficial updates are VERY early days at the moment and tend to not be too good at much. Give it a few more weeks and you might be able to use your phone with 2.3 though.

Available now in the market.

Via: LifeHacker

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