Gigapixel Resolution Interactive Wall Demoed

Students from Tromso have created a very impressive interactive wall display. The display comprises of 28 projectors that can display a large image with 7168 x 3072 pixels in total. The setup also allows for multi-touch usage (without touch) where you can simple put your hand towards the wall and drag to the side to move objects around.

The multi-touch (maybe multi-touchless it should be called) system functions by a number of cameras sitting on the floor in front of the display that can detect the distance between an object and the flood in 1D. Mixed with a second camera also scanning the area a 2D location can be found in front of the wall and the computer can calculate exactly where the hand is in front of the screen.

The system is capable of displaying a 13.3 Gigapixel image of Tromso and can be zoomed in and out of real time as well as dragged easily around the screen. To process that many pixels on the 22 Megapixel screen requires that 30 computer nodes are attached to compute all the data being processed.

It’s a very impressive system and well worth checking out on the video below. As it’s just a research project there is no price and no availability for a product like this, but if there was a price it would be far too expensive for most people to buy due to the amount of projectors, computers and cameras it uses to function.

The image used in the video below was captured by Eirik Helland Urke who runs the website. The image was built by stitching 2200 photos captured of the city together. The camera used was a Canon EOS 40D

Via: Engadget

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