Gesture and Motion Controls on Samsung Galaxy S2 Demoed

When Samsung launches the Galaxy S2, it’ll come with the new TouchWiz 4.0 UI. We normally cringe a little when we hear smartphones are getting an alternative to vanilla overlay. This time around, it could change a little though as the new TouchWiz actually looks quite useful.

What we see in a video, created by Android Community, are a few new features that make use of the sensors on the Galaxy S2.

The first of these features allows you to hold down on the screen and when you move the device towards or away from you, the webpage zooms in and out.

Other options include browsing through menus when moving an icon. An example here could be wanting to put an icon on the 3rd menu across. Here, you hold on the screen, physically move your phone to the side and you then move to the right menu to drop your icon on.

At the moment, I’m not 100% sure if I would actually use this. It might look cool, but the practicality of it might not be revealed till we get our hands on the S2 for review. We’ll reserve judgment till then. Regardless of if we use it or not though, you have to admit it’s rather smart!

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