German LCD Shift Knob

Shifter Knob
This gear knob has an LCD display in the top of it to let you know what gear you are in. I am not sure how handy this could be as I cannot remember the last time I actually looked at the gear stick while I was driving. I guess it will appeal to the Fiat Punto or Vauxhall Corsa driver as they like the extra lights and flashy interior more then the average person. But, it does add another gadget to your vehicle so I thought it would be worth a mention.

It is priced at $169 which to be quite honest, is a bit crazy. Never mind, I am going to pass on this one 🙂

Via: SlashGear


  1. Onboardcircuits says

    That’s cool, but people usually know what gear their in. LOL It’s one of those nice to haves… like a carbon fiber dash

  2. Matthew says

    I did hear that it tells you when to change gear for the best MPG but still, why would you be looking down waiting for the ideal time to shift and would that saving (assuming you dont crash in the process) save you more then $169 over a couple of year? Oh well… I still dont get it 🙂

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