Genius MousePen M508 / M508W Tablets Arriving September

Genius is launching a couple of new Tablets next month. The two new models come from the MousePen series and are called the M508 and M508W.

Each of the tablets have a 5×8 inch area to work on. Each can be switched from a widescreen to a 4:3 aspect ratio when needed. The W on the M508W means wireless, not wide meaning each tablet can work in either widescreen or 4:3 ratio.

Each tablet has 13 keys that can be programmed for custom usage. Dedicated buttons can be found for changing brush attributes, zooming as well as scrolling.

Both models are identical in terms of features (other than the more expensive wireless version). Each can detect up to 1024 levels of pressure and each has a bluetooth connected pen. Resolution of each tablet is 4,000 LPI.

The wireless model will cost $199 when it launches with the cheaper non wireless version costing $149.

Via: SlashGear

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