Next Gen Xbox is Years Away

The Microsoft Xbox 360 SlimAlthough the Xbox 360 is nearing 5 years in age, it could still be a number of years before the next generation games console arrives.

The information comes from Xbox UK director Stephen McGill who said… “Well this generation is here for a long, long time,” McGill said. “I think there’s still a lot of legs left with the Xbox 360, so we’re years away from contemplating what comes next.”

With the latest Xbox they are innovating he continues to say and speaks about the Kinect adding to what the Xbox can do.

If Microsoft is “years away from contemplating what comes next” then it indicates that they haven’t even started to think about the details. Consoles take a while to design and build, so if this “thinking phase” is years away, this means the actual product is even further than that.

Via: Gaj-It and 1Up

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