Next Gen PSP to get Touch-Sensitive Controls

Rumours are circulating about the next generation Sony PSP. The rumours say that the next version will be the same size as the PSP-3000 model and that it will have touch-sensitive controls on the back of the unit.

Rather than using traditional controls, it is expected that the touch panel located on the back will allow you to control the games.

The screen on the PSP 2 is said to be both rich and detailed although it isn’t clear if the screen will be larger with the controls moving to the back, or if the addition of both controls (ie, physical and touch sensitive) will be all included.

Sony is showcasing the unfinished handheld to publishers at the moment using several first-party games and has already settled on its business model for the device, which was not shown to the public at gamescom this week.

As for launch dates, Eurogamer reports that the next generation PSP isn’t due till the end of 2011.

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