Next Gen iPod Nano Could Get Camera(s)

The iPod nano is currently in its sixth generation. Most of the previous generations have seen changes to the design, with the 6th gen shrinking the unit right down and putting a touchscreen on the front of it.

We see today that Apple [AAPL], is working on a new seventh generation model that keeps the same form factor as the 6th gen model. The main difference though is that it looks like it will get a camera on the back, and perhaps on the front. The leaked image (larger version below), shows what looks to be the 6th gen device but with a camera hole cut out of the top right of the unit.

The image could also be fake of course, but the site in question does have a good track record of outing Apple products and specs in the past.

The expected release date of the iPod nano 7th generation is expected to be the first or second week of September as has been the case for all previous generations to launch in this time frame. Expect to hear more closer to the date.


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