Next Gen iPhone Will Not Include NFC Technology

Although we have seen patents going back as far as last year from Apple about integrating NFC in to an iPhone in the future, we learn today from The Independent, that Apple [AAPL] will not be including NFC technology in the iPhone 5 (perhaps 4S as it could be called).

With Google including NFC in the Nexus S and Orange confirming that NFC will be made available in a number of smartphones this year, it was expected that Apple would also introduce it and really make a push forwards with the technology.

The information comes from a few of the UK mobile networks who were told in a recent meeting with Apple that this technology would not be coming this time around. The reason behind it is apparently due to no clear standard governing it meaning that it will be a fight to see which of the iterations is the one that takes off, so to speak.

Apple is still believed to be working on technology that would allow for NFC integration with iTunes, but it is now believed that this will be arriving in the 2012 iPhone.

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