Second Gen Galaxy Tab Could get Super AMOLED Screen

This time next year the second gen Samsung Galaxy Tab might sport a seven inch Super AMOLED screen. Some information found today indicates that Samsung Mobile Display is planning to create the 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1200 x 600 pixels.

The screen is expected to be unveiled at an event in Japan later this month.

The Super AMOLED screens used by Samsung in the Samsung Galaxy class smartphones are one of the best around. Rather than using this technology in the Galaxy Tab (perhaps due to a shortage at the time of production), Samsung opted to use LCD TFT instead.

Information with specifics isn’t available just yet other than whats written above… so right now it really isn’t anything near a confirmation. We’ll wait till the end of the month and see what they reveal in Japan to be sure.

Via: SlashGear and OLED-Display

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