Think Geek iCade Created with Cardboard

If you remember back to April 1 (April fools day), ThinkGeek were showing a new accessory for the Apple iPad that was to launch shortly after. The device was called the iCade and was basically a miniature stand with old arcade controls to dock your iPad in.

ThinkGeek had the iCade priced at $149.99 although when you went to click on the Buy Now button you were taken to a Gotcha page.

Anyway, some guy has decided to go ahead and build his own. The guys custom iCade for iPad is made of cardboard, has an iPad dock inside and by using arduino circuitry, he was able to attach the controls to the iPad to play games with the joystick rather than by the touchscreen.

The video of the cardboard iCade can be seen below along with the original image below that.

Via: Tuaw

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