Gawker Comment Hack Prompts Yahoo and Others To Reset Passwords

Several days ago, Gawker’s comment boards were hacked and a number of usernames and passwords stolen. Due to the size of the Gawker network which includes sites such as Gizmodo and LifeHacker, it has prompted a number of web companies to reset passwords of users they think were effected by the attack.

Yahoo!, Flickr and LinkedIn were amongst the first to reset passwords of users and we hear that Blizzard (world of warcraft boards) also reset a number of passwords. We also believe that Amazon has also followed along here.

LinkedIn had the following to say…

“As we closely monitored the situation, we decided it was imperative to take preemptive action to help ensure that those leaked passwords were not being used to attack any LinkedIn members,”

While Yahoo! said…

“As part of our ongoing security measures we issued a password reset to some users. Yahoo does this periodically to ensure the security of users,”

For those of you who have commented on any of the Gawker properties, it would be wise you log in to places where you use the same username/password sequence and give yourself a new password to be safe.

LifeHacker (one site with the problems) has put together an FAQ for those concerned. That can be found over here.

Via: PCMag

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