Garmin nuvi 3700 Series SatNavs Announced

Garmin [GRMN] today announced their new Garmin nuvi 3700 series of navigation devices.

The new 3700 Series are ultra-thin, have large screens and have high resolution displays covered in glass. The glass is also capacitive-touch allowing easy control of the menus and features on the device.

‘Personal navigation is entering a new era, and the n¼vi 3700 series has the stunning design and seamlessly intuitive interface to lead the way

The nuvi 3700 series measures 9mm at the thickest point making it ultra slim and portable to carry around. The device works in portrait and landscape mode. Each has a 4.3 inch WVGA screen.

In total, there are three models launching in the nuvi 3700 series which includes the nuvi 3790T, nuvi 3760T and the nuvi 3750. Each has multi-touch that allows you to pinch the screen to zoom in. Double tapping on the screen can also be done to choose where you want to zoom in to. As the devices have a capacitive touchscreen, this also allows for the maps to be easily dragged around the screen.

The nuvi 3790T is the flagship model and has the following features…
* With a customizable ‘wake-up phrase to initiate voice-activated navigation, n¼vi 3790T lets you tell it what to do and where to go while you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
* And the road ahead never looked so realistic, thanks to the unprecedented details of 3D terrain and 3D buildings. Whether you’re heading for rolling hills or urban canyons, the shaded topography and realistic landmarks provide unrivaled context and enhanced situational awareness.

The 3700 series devices include nuRoute, trafficTrends and myTrends that allows more effective routing to be planned. The trafficTrends feature uses historical data to base a route on. The myTrends function helps to predict the destination based on your past history of navigation.

Both of the T models get lifetime traffic updates and Bluetooth connectivity to allow for hands-free calling on phones that support it.

Other features include…
* The entire n¼vi 3700 series is preloaded with ecoRoute¢ to help drivers with fuel-efficient navigation, helping to conserve both gas and money.
* Take the n¼vi 3700 series with you and enjoy the new streamlined, pocket-friendly design even more through enhanced pedestrian mode with public transit options through cityXplorer¢ content. Available at, cityXplorer helps you with options to navigate by foot or using a combination of buses, tramway, metro and suburban rail systems.
* Voice prompts are clearer than ever because of a secondary speaker located on the powered suction cup mount, offering the highest sound quality in the n¼vi lineup.
* Customizable wallpaper view, crop and save images right on your n¼vi.
* Lane assist with junction view helps you navigate with confidence while n¼vi directs you to the preferred lane, with realistic images of upcoming complex junctions where available.
* Speed limit indicator displays speed limits for most major roads.
* Patented auto time zone allows n¼vi to automatically adjust your time zone while navigating.
* Garmin Connect¢ Photos will associate your favorite images with saved locations. Visit for additional information.
* “Where Am I?” feature lets you quickly tap the screen to find the closest hospitals, police stations, gas stations, nearest address, intersection and coordinates.

They do look rather impressive and a nice step up from previous models. Lets hope they don’t suffer delays that have hit Garmin devices before.

Via: Businesswire

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