Garmin Black Friday Deals

Amazon has a number of Garmin Black Friday Deals on this week that see a number of Garmin Satnav units heavily discounted, with all models getting at least a 40%+ discount with one particular model being discounted by 70%.

A full list of the Garmin (and other) satnav discounts can be found over here. We have picked 8 of the best Garmin models available with discounts starting at the top of the list with the best discount price first.

Top of the list (the one with the largest discount) is the Garmin nuvi 265/265T which is normally priced at $329.99, but has been discounted right down to $98 which is a saving of $231.99 (70%). This particular Garmin discount gets you a 3.5 inch satnav that comes pre-loaded with North America maps.

The unit has bluetooth built in allowing you to connect up a bluetooth headset to make calls. You can get the Garmin nuvi 265/265T over here (and its in stock at the time of writing this).

Next on the list is the Garmin nuvi 295W. This particular model has a 3.5 inch widescreen display and a sensor that allows the unit to be used in either portrait or landscape mode to suit your needs. Price wise, the normal cost is $279.99 although Amazon have discounted the Garmin 295W model down to just $99 which is a saving of $180.99 (65%).

Features on the 295W include spoken street names, a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, Wi-Fi as well as the ability to play MP3 tracks on the unit. You can pick up the Garmin deal for the 295W over here.

Moving on to the Garmin nuvi 205W, this model has a larger screen size of 4.3 inches. The screen is in a widescreen aspect ratio just like the model above. Price wise, the full tag is normally $249.99 although this has now been discounted down to $89.99 giving a saving of $160.00 (64%).

Features on this model include a “Where am I Emergency Locator”, turn by turn voice instructions, a JPEG image viewer, currency converter, calculator and several other features. This particular model can be found over here.

Following on from the last model, we now step up to the Garmin nuvi 260W. This model has a 4.3 inch screen in a wide aspect ratio. Full price for the 260W is $229.99 and this particular model has been dropped down to $99.99 which is a saving of $130.00 (57%).

This satnav unit comes preloaded with City Navigator North America NT. It has both 2D and 3D mapping abilities along with turn by turn directions with voice guidance. Just like some of the other models, this particular model also can display JPEG images. You can grab this model over here now.

Other Garmin satnav units worth looking at include the Garmin nuvi 265W that has a $100 saving (50%) with a price tag of $99.99. The higher priced Garmin nuvi 1690 has a 48% saving bringing its price down from $449.99 down to $215.52. This deal can be found over here. Finally, the Garmin nuvi 265W/265WT has been dropped from $219.99 down to $119.99 giving a $100 saving (45%). Good luck in finding a model that suits you best.

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