Garmin Asus Nuvifone’s Going to AT&T

M20-G60Garmin-Asus have confirmed that the M20 and G60 are finally being launched in the US and will be sold on the AT&T network sometime soon. So far the phones have only recently been made available, after several months of delays, over in Taiwan, Hong Kong and countries from that side of the globe.

No information has been given yet on a European launch but I expect it will be sometime this year.

The M20 is the more advanced of the 2 phones as it runs Windows Mobile 6.1 professional. The G60 runs a version of Linux. Unfortunately it seems like Garmin-Asus have left the launch of this phone too long. iPhone now has the 3G S and other various smartphones have now caught up. As I mentioned yesterday with the M20 being launched elsewhere, it’s a shame they left it too long as people have moved on to newer phones that are launching now rather than what should have launched half a year ago.

Now, according to Asustek chairman Jonney Shih, Garmin-Asus is ‘preparing to ship the Linux-based Nuvifone G60 smartphones to AT&T, which will start marketing the LBS (location-based service)-centric handsets in the North American market this quarter. Unfortunately, AT&T hasn’t released any statements indicating that they will be selling both Nuvifone’s soon. Also, no prices have been released at this time.

Via: Gadgetell

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