Game Gripper for Motorola DROID

The Game Gripper is a device designed for the Motorola DROID/MILESTONE that allows you to use the keyboard as a game controller.

The device slides over the keyboard of the DROID and essentially moves the D-Pad that’s on the right of the DROID keyboard to a controller like D-Pad on the left side of the keyboard in a more familiar place.

As well as moving the D-Pad to the correct location, 8 buttons are also added that can be customised for playing games on your DROID.

ňúThis is the home of the Game Gripper, the best accessory for the Motorola Droid! It allows you to play all those old-school games (emulators required), with a real game-pad feel.’

It’s not actually a bad idea if you enjoy playing games on an emulator but were put off by the bad controls that the DROID and other phones have. The Game Gripper is available for $14.99 here.


  1. This would be great if someone could create a Droid game worth playing..

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