Galaxy S II Will Arrive on T-Mobile as Samsung Hercules

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be launching on T-Mobile in the US. Just like the original Galaxy, carriers are re-branding the device and in this case, T-Mobile will be calling it the Samsung Hercules.

The Hercules will be almost the same as the Galaxy S 2 but with a few modifications such as it having a larger screen that measures 4.5 inches. The screen will be a SUPER AMOLED Plus screen. It is also believed that the Hercules will use a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU rather than the Exynos. A 42MBps HSPA+ radio will also be used in this version.

Rumours from earlier last month hinted that the T-Mobile version would incorporate RFID although this hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

We’ll keep an eye out on information and when we come across something interesting, we’ll post it.


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