Galaga turns in to a Quilt

Galaga Quilt
If you remember computer games from donkeys years ago you will probably know of Galaga. It was a great game which ran in 8-bit glory. If you are not that old then you should still remember it as it was often bundled in to Namco games such as Ridge Racer when loading up on the PS1.

– Approximately 60″ square. 60×60-pixel resolution.
– Made from 100% cotton fabric and batting (Z80 processor not included).
– Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, and avoid diving enemies at all costs.
– Pieced and quilted by machine in smoke-free, pet-free, and geek-friendly home.

Product Page Via: Thebbps


  1. I remember this game, it was called Galaxians though, or maybe it was just in the UK? Good game and cool quilt

  2. I think there might have been a few with similar names as I also know of Galaxians (I am in the UK too). I will have to look it up and I will post back about it later.

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