Gadgets that Pay for Themselves

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A list has been posted of 25 gadgets that will pay for themselves. This is a really cool list that I found linked over at coolest-gadgets and does make you realise that you can spend money to actually save money. Items such as battery chargers and rechargable batteries cover their costs with in months of having them. How many of these money saving gadgets do you own?

The list can be found at Thesimpledollar and has some interesting points like a laptop that you use at home on battery and charge in the office could pay for it’s self in saved electricity each year.

One I didnt see on their which is a big saving for me is saving 5 quid a month cutting my own hair 🙂 My clippers only cost about 30 quid and they have been in use well over 5 years.. thats a 270 pound saving!

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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