G3 Tower burns 7 CDs at a Time

Power Tower Pro CD Burning
Maybe you enjoy making 7 backups of your data, or maybe you want to be more of a pirate either way, this is quite cool. John Masone has hacked up a G3 Blue and White Tower to create a tower which is capable of burning 7 CD’s at a time. If you still have a need to mass burn CD’s then this is ideal for you. It can rip CD’s at the drives maximum speed and then is capable of burning to the 7 drives in compressed MP3 or similar formats. The case uses metal caging which has been hacked in to the original tower which now allows the 7 drives to sit comfortably.

If you want a ton of your old CD’s ripping then you should give John a shout 😉


  1. John Masone says

    FYI the tower only reads CDs, it doesn’t burn. You can make similar towers are duplicators, but I use this tower for my CD Ripping Service. Check out my site if you have lots of CDs you finally want ripped to your iPod. But this tower is not a computer at all anymore. Its a computer case, power supply, 7 CD ROM drives and a whole lot of fancy metal work, and USB hardware. 😀

  2. DVD Duplicator says

    That is quite an awesome cd duplicator.

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