Future Gen iPad Design Spotted in Patent

It isn’t known just yet when Apple [AAPL] will launch a second generation iPad although April 2011 is touted due to it being the 1 year anniversary of the first iPad launch.

Some details of what the next gen iPad could look like have been uncovered in a patent application. The new patent shows an iPad with two dock ports (one on the long side and one on the short side) as well as a Smart Bezel that could be used for extra input on the tablet. The extra dock port would allow the iPad to be docked in landscape mode allowing movies to be watched while keeping it charged.

The Smart Bezel that could be included isn’t fully understood just yet although it looks like some sort of method for input with gestures or perhaps a place to flick between apps although these are just guesses right now.

We don’t know at this time if Apple will use two dock connectors on the next gen iPad, or future generations for that matter. What we do expect is that some form of iPad will launch early next year.

Via: Gizmodo and Patently Apple

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