Future of BlackBerry Gaming

Blackberry-GamesRIM and EA recently showed off what the BlackBerry will be capable of game wise in the near future. A video of Need for Speed can be seen below running on a BlackBerry and as you’ll see, the graphics look fantastic for a mobile device.

The graphics are down to BlackBerry supporting OpenGL ES that allows 3D gaming and graphics to be used on a BlackBerry device.

GL ES Support Enables 3D Games and Graphics for BlackBerry Smartphones

With OpenGL ES support, Java developers will have the ability to build 3D games and graphics for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0 and higher. The OpenGL ES support is available through an update of the BlackBerry® Java® Software Development Kit (BlackBerry Java SDK). A beta version of the BlackBerry Java SDK 5.0 including OpenGL ES support is available at

You have to admit that the graphics capability for a BlackBerry look very promising with the new standard being used. Hopefully we can see some more decent games arrive in the near future.

As of yet, it is not 100% clear what BlackBerry phones will support the OpenGL ES update although we expect the recent phones such as the Storm 2 will be among those listed.

Via: GearDiary and CrackBerry

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