Furry Vision

Furry Vision
Your average TV or Plasma screen is built out of solid material like plastic and glass. Philips decided that a different approach is necessary by introducing Furry Vision. The screen is made out of fabric with hairs which lay flat against the surface. When an electrostatic charge is applied it makes the hair stand on end. So how on earth do you get a screen out of that? Well, the hairs are one colour and the fabric is another colour. When the hairs are laying down you see blue and when they stand up you see red for example. Throw a bunch of these together and make them small enough you get a number of pixels to make up a screen. This should allow for complete images and no doubt video as time goes on.

The aim is to get this technology in to clothing. No doubt it will lead to a ton more advertisements been worn on your chest. Heck, maybe companies provide the clothes for advertising sakes.

No other details are currently available, but if we do come across furry vision in the future we will be sure to post about it.

Via: Newscientist

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