Fujitsu MHY2 BH 250GB Hard Drive

Fujitsu are to create a new series of hard drives which are 2.5 inch and have capacitys of 250GB in a 9.5mm thin profile. The drives will be named MHY2 BH series and will begin during the second quarter (which is now). The aim of the drive is to hot laptops and other small devices that could benefit from a lot of storage in a small amount of space. 9.5mm is quite thin for a drive and should be a great addition to the ever slimming down of modern laptops.

While idle the nose level of the drive is 2.4 bels and it operates at 1.9 watts while reading and writing data. Overall this is another great step forwards in the HDD world. My preference is SSD, but I still think there is a lot of life in the good old hard drive yet and I dont see them dissapearing that soon due to being able to store a lot more data for a lower cost per GB.

Via: ReviewLAB

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