Fujitsu FLEPia Color Portable eBook Reader

flepia-colour-ebook-readerFujitsu are about to release their latest portable eBook reader named the FLEPia. The FLEPia is a color eBook reader that has an 8 inch XGA screen that can display 260000 colors.

Other features include Bluetooth and WiFi for connectivity. The device can be expanded up to 4GB in storage capacity by way of an SD card. It measures less then half an inch thick. Battery life will see this color eBook reader last for up to 40 continuous hours which is quite good. The screen is touchscreen allowing you to flick through various eBooks and pages of books.

The Japanese version will come with a full install of Windows CE 5.0 which is a bit of a surprise considering e-Ink is not the quickest of screens to be updated at 1.8 seconds per page refresh.

The FLEPia will launch in Japan on April 20th and will cost 99,750 Yen which at todays exchange rate is just over $1K USD.

Via: Engadget

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