Fujitsu F-04B Dual Keyboard Projector Phone

Fujitsu-F_04B_1Fujitsu have revealed a new phone called the Fujistu F-04B that has a dual keyboard setup, projector and a 3.4″ screen that separates from the keyboards.

When separated the keyboards and screen connect over a Bluetooth connection. Each part of the phone contains a battery to keep it running. The screen section of the phone works independently allowing you to detach the keyboard to slim the whole unit down a little and then use the keyboard when needed. Alternatively you can attach them together and access the keyboard like a slider phone.

Another feature that is available on the phone, although it’s optional, is a 6 lumen projector allowing you to create a larger screen with an 854 x 480 resolution of I’d estimate here about 50 – 80 inches in the right lighting conditions. The projecotr has an 800mAh battery that is good for projecting 2 hours of video at the highest brightness setting. When connecting the projector up to the phone you actually have to remove the keyboard which then acts as a remote control for the projection unit.

It’s an interesting idea for a phone and I quite like the detachable keyboard feature. At this moment I am unsure if it will leave Japan though.



Via: Akihabara


  1. This cell phone is unique.
    Fujitsu made a recent breakthrough in the cell phone’s world .
    but, whether this cell phone also sold overseas ?

  2. Why only one additional keyboard !
    2, 3, 4, 5, … self-adhesive keyboard linked by wireless (e.g. Bluetooth) to a cell phone, it’s the concept of ad-Key.
    ad-Key, one French innovation.
    Advantages; comfort, conveniency, health, … to be fun.

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