Fujitsu Double Screen Laptop

fujitsu_n7010When using a laptop I can’t say I have ever thought about the need of having another smaller LCD embedded just above the keyboard. According to Fujitsu, they seem to think it’s a need, and have now created the N7010 notebook computer with a built in second display.

The Fujitsu N7010 has the regular screen that you expect to have on a laptop, but what they also have done is embed a smaller 4 inch touchscreen just between the keyboard and hinge area. The idea behind this is that you use the touchscreen to launch applications. Look at it like the quick launch buttons that most laptops have…. but Fujitsu’s is fully programmable. The functions behind it are quite simple in that you just drag and drop things from the primary screen to the secondary screen as needed. Photo’s and other multimedia files can also be played back on this secondary screen.

The specs of the laptop are nothing too special and just your regular 2.26 GHZ Core 2 Duo Processor that has a nice 4GB RAM and a built in 1.3 megapixel camera. I assume wi-fi, bluetooth and nice amounts of hard drive capacity are included.

Laptop Magazine gave it a full review and although the actual laptop did well, the extra screen was reportedly limited in functionality.

The Fujitsu N7010 will cost $1500 and should be available next week.

Review Via: Wired

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