Fujitsu A4 and A5 FLEPia

Fujitsu have created the FLEPia in 2 models. The first is an A4 version which weighs 480g and the second is the smaller A5 size which weighs just 320g. Both of the models are 1.2cm thick. The FLEPia has built in wi-fi allowing you to download content or pictures over a network, and it also has an SD slot allowing for a 4GB card to be inserted to read data from. 6 function buttons can be found on the FLEPia as well as a scroll key allowing for easy access to eBooks. The battery life is one impressive feature of this device which allows it to go for 50 hours on a single charge.

Now the price. The FLEPia will set you back $21137 for the A4 version and $12685 for the A5 version. I assume this is due to the screen technology used which is bendable, although $21k to read on the go???? I will stick to the PPC.

Via: Gadgets 3yen

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