Fujifilm HDP-L1 3D Camera Media Player

Last July, we wrote about the Fufifilm W1 3D camera that had two lenses allowing 3D images and movies to be captured. Fujifilm have now introduced the HDP-L1 that acts as a media player for your W1 3D content.

The device connects up to your TV where you then plug in a memory card from the W1 3D camera and it lets the 3D material be played on screen.

As well as being capable of being connected to a TV the HDP-L1 also has a USB port to connect it to a Mac or Windows computer. The player can also display 2D content if needed.

The device is launching April 27 over in Japan where it will be priced at $45. No announcement has been made yet about the device leaving Japan and being put on sale in Europe or the US.

Via: CrunchGear

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