Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR Reviewed

Photography Blog has managed to do a lengthy review of the Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR point and shoot digital camera.

The F80EXR has a 12 megapixel sensor along with a 3 inch active matrix TFT colour LCD display. It is capable of zooming at 10x optical and is also capable of capturing video in HD resolutions. The camera costs just less than $280.

Surprisingly the review mentions that the F80EXR actually performs worse than it’s predecessor even though it has more megapixels. The worse performance is only classed as being “slightly worse” though.

Other than that the camera still achieves a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating and comes highly rated. I recommend you go read the full review linked just below to see a number of image samples and all the aspects of the camera broken down and explained in detail.

The full review can be found at Photography Blog.

Available from Amazon.

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