FrogPad One Handed Keyboard

The FrogPad is a mobile keyboard which does not use the conventional QWERTY keyboard layout. Instead, the FrogPad has 20 keys but still promised easier use then a standard keyboard. The keyboard is to be used one handed allowing you to hold documents in the other hand. It is small and measures 5 x 3.5 x .4 inches and connects via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth device that supports the HID Bluetooth profile. According to ThinkGeek, you will be typing at 40 words per minute with in 10 hours of using the keyboard. Compare this to the 56 hours needed to achieve the same on a QWERTY keyboard it seems like the FrogPad is the way to go.

The FrogPad will set you back $149 for the right handed Bluetooth version with cheaper prices for the USB left and right hand version. For some reason there is no left hand Bluetooth version listed.

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