Fring Skype Broken? It’s a Temporary Removal Due to Network Stress

Yesterday Fring launched an update to it’s iPhone app for those using iOS 4 and in particular, the iPhone 4 it’s self. The new update allows users to make video calls to other devices such as Android, Nokia and anything else running or connecting through Fring. Video calls were enabled via 3G or WiFi.

Thanks to a huge amount of people uploading and testing video calling from their iPhone 4, Fring has had to take down support for Skype temporarily. When logging on to Fring today you may have noticed that Skype contacts are gone as well as the small square login box for Skype found on the Add-Ons menu.

Fring do not mention how long the Skype integration will be gone for. We do know that the reason for the drop is network traffic and wanting to prioritise traffic for those using Fring to Fring video. We’ll provide an update when we notice support coming back.

Via: Fring

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