Freestyle Fusion AMP, Waterproof :)

Not many waterproof MP3 players exist although I have seen cases for the iPod which claim to be waterproof.

This new one named the Freestyle Fusion AMP fastens to an armband and is water proof to 10ft which is acceptable for regular swimming in the sea. It comes in 2 versions at 256Mb/512Mb and priced at $160 or $200.


Via: OhGizmo


  1. braxton moro says

    i just got a freestyle fusion amp 512 not to long ago..i havent used it yet, but ive been trying to download songs on it and it wont load them..and then i tried to charge it and when i hold the power button down it just lights up red but wont play any music..and then when i charge it..the light turns green but does the same thing when i unplug it from the computer..can u help me out on this?

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