Free WiFi from Skype During Internet Week

Skype is offering free WiFi access to the net during the Internet Week conference. The start date is November 7 and it runs through November 12. During that time, any WiFi hotspot tied in to Skype WiFi will allow you to get on the Internet for free without using any Skype credits.

Although access will be free for all, it will be restricted to 60 minutes per user.

To access Skype WiFi you need an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or a laptop/computer. You need to install the latest version of Skype if you are on a computer and then select to connect to a Wireless network (one that is participating in the Skype WiFi offer).

For those on an iOS device you can download the Skype WiFi app and log in with your details on the app. When a compatible WiFi network becomes available you can connect up and then click disconnect when finished.


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