Free Wi-Fi Trial by Nokia Begins in London

Nokia along with Spectrum Interactive has begun testing free Wi-Fi in London in the UK. The new trial sees 26 Wi-Fi hotspots being put in the city each capable of handling up to 20Mbps of data. Fortunately, Nokia is restricting each user to 1Mbps to prevent power users from hogging all of the available connections.

What isn’t clear at the moment is how or if the wireless access points are connected together or if they each work individually. This leaves a few unanswered questions such as being able to roam point to point without changing IP so that services like Skype could run without booting you off each time you move out of a particular zone. We also don’t know if Skype and other similar services will be available.

The reason for the test is to look at how users are using WiFi within the city and to see if there is a greater demand for it.

The free trial is running till the end of the year and if successful it could roll out up to a total of 1000 or so access points dotted around central London.

The BBC has a map of the current trial access point locations.

Via: The Verge

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