Free Wi-fi Access for PSP Owners

Sony PSP
If you are an owner of a Sony PSP and frequent T-Mobile hotspots then you could be entitled to 6 months of free wifi access. Hurry though… there are only 362 days left to qualify for 6 free months. I have heard rumours that you also need to have the latest firmware, but as I am in the UK and this offer is for the US its a tad far for me to travel and test.

To get this working you need to follow these instructions…

Create a T-Mobile HotSpot Network Profile

1. Bring your PSPĀ® system to a location that provides a T-Mobile HotSpot. (Refer to the T-Mobile HotSpot U.S. Location Map.)
2. Select (Network Settings) under (Settings).
3. Select [Infrastructure Mode].
4. Select [New Connection].
5. Select [Use Wireless Hotspot].
6. Select the T-Mobile HotSpot icon.
7. If you have an existing T-Mobile HotSpot account, select [Enter User Credentials]. Enter your user ID and password, and then press the right button. or If you do not have an account, select [Use Promotional Access] to sign up for a complimentary six-month T-Mobile HotSpot account . (To qualify for this promotional access, you must authenticate your PSPĀ® system to the T-Mobile HotSpot network prior to March 28, 2008.)
8. Check the contents of the settings list.
9. Save the settings.
10. Perform a connection test. If you select [Test Connection], the system will connect to the selected access point.
11. Confirm the connection test results.
If the connection is successful, information about the network is displayed.

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